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The Blue Mallee Eucalyptus is native to Australia, can grow effectively in drought conditions and store a great deal of carbon quickly. They also continue to store large amounts of carbon throughout their lifetime. This makes them the most commonly planted tree in Australia as part of carbon offset programs.


We all have the power to create change and have an impact through our individual choices and actions. As a collective, we enhance that impact and have the power to save the planet from the irreversible damage of climate change.

Hi there,
we’re Mallee Collective

We are a small team with a big goal – to make it easy and simple for everyone to reduce the impact their everyday life has on climate change.

Our vision is that every household is offsetting its carbon footprint to save our planet from losing precious ecosystems forever.

It is fantastic that more governments, corporations and businesses are going carbon neutral and making commitments to reduce their overall emissions, but forecasts show it’s too slow. We wanted to give everyone an easy, simple and affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint and promote eco-positive lifestyle changes to reduce everyone’s overall carbon emissions. We achieve this by:

Offering simple and easy-to-follow Impact Plans, where you can pick a carbon offsetting subscription that suits you.

Promoting and rewarding high-impact eco-positive lifestyle changes through Lifestyle Pledges.

Working exclusively with certified Partners, like Greenfleet, to buy carbon credits that our members trust.

Keeping our overheads low to ensure that the Mallee Collective community can have the biggest eco-positive impact possible.

the collective impact

tonnes of C02-e has been offset


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