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annual plan

Every tree counts

Starting small with this plan you will still have a lasting and meaningful impact. This is a perfect plan to start offsetting a portion of your everyday carbon footprint.

C02 tonnes offset: 7/yr



how it works

1. Select your Impact Plan

Pick the Impact Plan that suits your everyday life, carbon footprint and budget. Every tree counts, so we offer plans from as little as $15 per month (that’s 50 cents a day!).

2. Make a Lifestyle Pledge (optional)

Select if you want to pledge to make a high impact eco-positive change to your lifestyle. To promote and reward members of our community for reducing their carbon footprint, we created Lifestyle Pledges. These are the behaviours that can reduce our individual carbon footprint the most. Select a Lifestyle Pledge with your Impact Plan and you will get a discount on your subscription.

  1. Using renewable energy
  2. Going car-free
  3. Having a plant-based diet

The honesty system applies. Find out more.

3. Tell us your sustainability passion (optional)

Most of your carbon offsetting is done through planting biodiverse trees. However, for no additional cost, Mallee Collective makes a portion of your subscription bespoke to an area you’re passionate about. Pick one of four UN Sustainability Development Goals to offset your carbon emissions through

  1. Life Below Water;
  2. Life On Land;
  3. Affordable and Clean Energy; or
  4. No Poverty.

4. Carbon emissions are offset with certified Partners

We combine the Mallee Collective community funds and invest them into hand-picked planting and eco-positive projects with our certified Partners. Offsetting carbon exclusively with certified Partners ensures that the carbon credits procured by Mallee Collective for our members achieve a long-lasting, trustworthy positive impact.

5. Positive vibes

Each month we send you updates on the Impact Projects you have supported. You can read about the projects that your subscription have helped fund and the certified Partners involved. Plus, feel more relaxed knowing you’ve improved the impact your everyday life has on the environment and climate change.

why mallee collective

More than carbon offsetting

Our Impact Projects can enhance biodiversity, protect habitats, give access to affordable clean energy and more. Tell us what you’re passionate about and we’ll hand-pick your projects.

Exclusively use certified Partners

To have the maximum positive impact on climate change and sustainable development we partner with organisations that are certified by national or international governing bodies.

Rewarding lifestyle pledges

We reward our community for making eco-positive changes to their lifestyle. Make a Lifestyle Pledge when you sign up and you’ll receive a discount to your Impact Plan.

 the collective impact

tonnes of C02-e has been offset

frequently asked questions

What is carbon offsetting?

A carbon offset is a project or activity that reduces greenhouse gas emissions or sequesters (captures) carbon from the atmosphere to compensate for the emissions created by your own activities. By offsetting your carbon to compensate for emissions produced in your everyday life you’re on your way to bringing your carbon footprint down to zero.

Why plant trees?

Trees extract carbon from the atmosphere as they grow, particularly in the first 40 years of their life. Mallee Collective focus the majority of their Impact Projects on planting a biodiverse mix of trees because it’s the only way to ensure that the resulting forest meets the highest standards of ecological sustainability.

On top of capturing carbon, this approach has a number of extra environmental benefits:

    • Biological diversity is improved
    • Habitat for native animals is increased and migratory routes extended
    • Salinity can be reduced
    • Water quality in catchments can be improved
    • Tree roots can bind the soil to reduce erosion

How do we select certified Partners?

We only partner with organisations that are certified and recognised by national or international governing bodies such as Climate Active, The Gold Standard and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Before and after images of Planting Project by Certified partner Greenfleet

Planting Partner: Greenfleet Australia

Project Location: Whitehurst, Victoria

take action

Offset your everyday life carbon footprint with the Micro Impact Plan and trees will be planted on your behalf as well as other eco-positive projects funded.

Sign up to the Micro Impact Plan for $171/year and you’ll be part of the collective eco-positive change we are making.



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