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lifestyle pledges

To promote and reward you for reducing your carbon footprint, we created Lifestyle Pledges. These are some of the behaviours that can reduce your individual carbon footprint the most.

high-impact ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Carbon Reduction Lifestyle Pledge

Plant-based diet

Changing your diet to a plant-based diet has the potential to save up to 1.6 tonnes of emissions¹. In the past 50 years, meat consumption has almost tripled per capita² – that’s a lot of meat. It’s tough to give up the food we love, but swapping out meat for plants will make a considerable dent in your individual emissions footprint. Hooking into some avo on toast instead of B&E roll is a win for your impact on climate change.

Carbon Reduction Lifestyle Pledge

Going car-free

Being car-free in Australia has the potential to remove up to 3 tonnes of emissions¹. We love this high-impact action because the emissions reductions are two-fold making it  “best in class”. There’s the direct reduction in emissions, plus, the reduction that could come from a wider adoption of living car-free. For example, more people living car-free reduces the need to build more roads, parking spaces, and so on.

Impact Plans to offset your carbon footprint

Swapping to renewables

Making the switch to green energy is easy and has the potential to save up to 2.5 tonnes of emissions¹. In regions with carbon-based energy grids, i.e. most of Australia, green energy has the potential to greatly reduce emissions. We love this Lifestyle Pledge because it’s a simple swap that has a big impact. Check out GreenPower, a government directory that can help you find an accredited renewable energy provider for your home.


¹ Environmental research letters Seth Wynes and Kimberly A Nicholas 2017 Environ. Res. Lett. 12 074024

² IPCC Special Report, Climate Change and Land August 2019


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